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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Opposition, voted with us ; so you must interpret Tories in the strongest sense of the word.
The Secret Committee has desired leave to-day to examine three members, Burrel5, Bristovr 6, and Hanbury Williams7: the two first are directors of the Bank; and it is upon an agreement made with them, and at which Williams was present, about remitting some money to Jamaica, and in which they pretend Sir Eobert made a bad bargain, to oblige them as members of Parliament. They all three stood up, and voluntarily offered to be examined; BO no vote passed upon it.
These are all the political news: there is little of any other sort; so little gallantry is stirring, that I do not hear of so much as one Maid of Honour who has declared herself with child by any officer, to engage him not to go abroad. I told you once or twice that Miss Hamilton is going to be married to Lord Brook: somebody wished Lord Archibald joy. He replied, ' Providence has been very good to my family.' We had a great scuffle the other night at the Opera, which interrupted it. Lord Lincoln was abused in the most shocking manner by a drunken officer, upon which he kicked him, and was drawing his sword, but was prevented. They were put under arrest, and the next morning the man begged his pardon before the Duke of Marlborough, Lord Albemarle, and other officers, in the most submissive terms. I saw the quarrel from the other side of the house, and rushing to get to Lord Lincoln, could not for the crowd. I climbed into the front boxes, and stepping over the shoulders of three ladies, before I knew where I was,
Peter Burrell, of ^eckenham, Envoy at Dresden, Berlin, and St. t; M.P. for Haslemere.                   Petersburg- He died insane in 1.08.
--'- — - •-------- "' •*•._.- TTe was an ardent supporter ot air
Robert Walpole, as his political poems
8 John Bristow, M.P. for St. Ives.
7 Charles Hanbury Williams, of Pontypool Park, Monmouthshire; K.B., 1744. He was successively